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Raj Dwivedi is an experienced consultant that specializes in home improvement solutions, insurance products and business management solutions. Ask about optimizing results for your specific needs in 2015. Raj is an appointed independent insurance broker/agent representing top rated life, health and annuity products in the US with carriers who have over 100 years of established history and pooled assets in excess of $1.5 trillion.  Raj directly represents Capital Remodeling in the Baltimore, Washington, DC and Northern VA region offering top quality brands and values in home improvement and financing as a licensed MD MHIC representative. 

Raj served as a US Marine Corps commissioned officer from 1989-1993, founded two businesses in 1998, earned an MBA in 2002, and joined one of his businesses to a Fortune 500 company in 2004.  Raj authored the book How To Compete With The Industry Giants in 2011, and has individually contributed to many leading North American  brands serving in executive, sales and operations capacities.  Raj has numerous awards, licenses and certifications to offer the products and services available through this site. Call or request information to schedule an appointment.

How To Sell In The One Call Close Industries

By Raj Dwivedi in Print On Demand Network

8 pages, published 2/11/2015

Selling in the one call close industries takes practice and knowing one's craft. This guide can dramatically improve results for anyone.